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Visitors come to Rosings, namely Colonel Fitzwilliam and Mr. Darcy himself. And it seems that it is no accident has brought Mr. Darcy to the environs of Miss Elizabeth Bennet. He is a man with a plan. Jane Austen, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

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You may have noticed that there has been a dearth of new audiobooks appearing through the website. The last one that was produced for the website was A Study in Scarlet, which came out last May. The reason for this lag is that I can no longer afford to produce these “bonus” audiobooks out of my own pocket. You see, every episode of The Classic Tales Podcast is downloaded or streamed over 16,000 times in the course of a month. Yet, I have just over 300 monthly financial subscribers. This is great, and it pays the podcast and website bills and a little more, but it’s far from the funding required to produce a new audiobook every month.

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And now, Pride and Prejudice, Part 7 of 14, by Jane Austen

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