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George Roberts of Virginia is happy to be shipping with his new friend, Ned Low. But when he discovers that his friend is actually known as Bloody Ned, the merciless pirate, his salty pluck is put to the test. H. Bedford-Jones, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

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Henry James O’Brian Bedford-Jones was a Canadian-American writer of adventure fantasy, science fiction, crime and Westerns in the golden age of pulp magazines. Enormously prolific, he wrote nearly 200 novels, 400 novelettes, and 800 short stories. He used so many pseudonyms that a perfect accounting of all of his works is impossible.

While many writers cranked out reams of adventure stories for the pulps in this period, this story is a standout for several reasons. It’s firstly a story of pirates who have dark pasts, and are trying to go straight. There’s a plucky woman on board, who is anything but a damsel in distress. And the focus on character progression over sensational plot devices is a breath of fresh air. But rest assured, there’s plenty of action. This is a pirate story, after all!

And now, Pirates’ Gold, part 1 of 4, by H. Bedford-Jones.

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