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What could two leaves possibly have to say to each other? Felix Salten, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

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Now, if you’re dying for some horror stories during Halloween season, App users can discover a scary story in the special features during the month of October. This week, we feature The Burned House, by Vincent O’Sullivan. Marcus Aurelius will continue in November.

In today’s episode of Bambi, things get pretty real, especially in the last chapter. It might be upsetting to younger readers, so keep a sharp eye out for that. 

Also, in today’s episode, the deer run into some elk. Now, in the Disney movie, I thought that Bambi was the chosen one, and a prince among deer. But in the original book, the adult deer are related to as princes and the adult elk are kings. Bambi is awed by the elk calling to each other in the night. Salten’s description of the elk call is brilliant. Here’s what a wild elk call sounds like, in case you’ve never heard one:

I think one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever recorded is Chapter 8 of Bambi, with the two leaves. I hope you enjoy it.


And now, Bambi, part 2 of 4, by Felix Salten.


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