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Why does a brotherly resemblance bring a woman to tears? Willa Cather, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

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I hate to do this, especially now. I started the podcast because I wanted to provide something that would have been useful to me as a kid. If I had access to an audiobook of The Scarlet Letter when I had to read it as a junior, my confidence and self-esteem wouldn’t have taken the hit that it did. School, reading, life, pandemics, they are all hard enough. If I had had access to a solid recording that might have sparked my imagination, this dark period that still haunts me 30 years later, might not have happened.

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I love stories of the American West. When I ran across this one by Willa Cather, it just felt like it was the right time to share it. We needed something more literary, I thought. I hope you like it.

And now, A Death in the Desert, by Willa Cather.

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