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Paris is aghast at the news that of one of Lupin’s victims was discovered murdered. As the bodies continue to pile up, Lupin demonstrates his indefatigable tenacity - on a mission to clear his name and discover the shattering secret of 813. Maurice Leblanc, on a special episode of The Classic Tales Podcast.

813, the fourth novel in the Arsène Lupin series, is now available at

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In this fourth adventure, Arsène Lupin seeks to firmly establish himself as the anti-hero, though he clearly wants to be the hero. In developing the complex side to Lupin’s character, and twisting the many plot threads in true Leblanc style, 813 is considered one of the finest Arsène Lupin novels. 

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And now, the first chapter of 813, by Maurice Leblanc.

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I’ll see you again on Friday. Have a good one!

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