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What rare illness has brought Myra Duchesne to death’s door? Sax Rohmer, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

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Last week’s story ended with Dr. Cairn and Sime entering the pyramid of Meydum, and discovering within the secret chamber, Antony Ferrara chanting in an unknown tongue. After Sime shot at Ferrara, Dr. Cairn and Sime chased Ferrara out of the pyramid. Today’s story begins when Robert Cairn meets up with the two, and reports on what he witnessed exiting the pyramid just before his father and Sime appeared.  

Note: in this week's episode, there is some muddiness about romantic consent. Parents might want to take the opportunity to talk about how the hero might have done things better. 

And now, The Knight of the Necropolis, Part 6 of 8, by Sax Rohmer.


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