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This is BJ Harrison. I’d like to apologize for the release earlier today of Armageddon 2419 A.D – the Buck Rogers title. I’m afraid I didn’t fully realize the extent of the racist anti-Asian sentiments in it. I’m usually better at catching and pointing out this stuff. But when a listener reached out to me and brought it to my attention , and I kind of looked at it with new eyes, I just didn’t feel comfortable with it.

And so, I’ve decided not to continue with the story. It’s just too problematic. And for those who felt hurt when I presented Buck Rogers to you as great literature, I’m very sorry. I promise that I’ll do better.


And so now, let’s try something completely different. I’m going to substitute it with an episode from Season 10, back in 2016 – The Mixer Moves in Society, by P.G. Wodehouse.


Thanks for your patience and understanding.


And now, “The Mixer Moves in Society”, by P. G. Wodehouse.

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