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Arséne Lupin declares it a mystery for babies. But when murder occurs on the open road, it seems everyone is stumped but him. Maurice Leblanc, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

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Today we are celebrating Arséne Lupin, to coordinate with the new Lupin series on Netflix. Not only do we have a lovely story today, but app users can hear “The Queen’s Necklace”, by Maurice Leblanc, in the special features portion for this week’s episode.

The Queen’s Necklace is the first episode in the Netflix series, and is the fifth chapter in The Adventures of Arséne Lupin, gentleman burglar. I love how they reference the source material so much in the show.

If I had to say the one thing that I particularly like about Lupin, is the way that he helps those people who have kind of fallen through the cracks. Folks who have been wronged, or sometimes done wrong, but your heart goes out to them. He helps them out where no one else can. There’s a kindness there. The Netflix series does a couple things to stay true to this trait, and I really, really like that.

And now, The Tragedy in the Forest of Morgues, and Arséne Lupin adventure, by Maurice Leblanc.

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