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Who will help the tailor of Gloucester to finish the Mayor’s elegant coat? For the Mayor is to be married wearing it tomorrow - on Christmas Day in the morning.  Beatrix Potter, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

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I just wanted to say thank you for spending another Christmas with The Classic Tales. This is our fifteenth Christmas, and it’s been so fun to research and discover new Yuletide stories every year. Thanks for joining me on this adventure.

Beatrix Potter was born to a middle-upper class family. She was privately educated by governesses at home, which was usual for the time. She was an incredibly gifted artist, and specialized in mycology, which is the study of fungi. Her beautiful illustrations of various fungi are still consulted by botanists today.

Though she wasn’t allowed to attend university because of her sex, she submitted a paper challenging the theory of symbiosis to the Linnean Society in 1897.

A few years later she self-published her first book, because no publisher was interested in it. She published a few copies for her family and friends. Two years later, in 1902, Frederick, Warne and Company reconsidered publishing her “bunny book”, as they called it, and The Tale of Peter Rabbit was an immediate success.  

Beatrix Potter loved vacationing in the English lake district near Windermere, and purchased several farms to preserve the landscape of the area. Upon her death, she left nearly all of her property to the National Trust, including over

And now, The Tailor of Gloucester, by Beatrix Potter.


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